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Appearing in "No Human Can Beat Me!"

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Synopsis for "No Human Can Beat Me!"

Strange Tales Vol 1 98 001.jpg

An alien lands on Earth and issues a challenge to best any man at any contest or the Earth will be invaded. The alien is tested at various sports and games and defeats all comers until one man takes him out to a secluded cave and challenges the alien to sport of sleeping for which he holds the record of one million years. The alien proposes to sleep for two million years. Guards are set up around the cave to keep any from disturbing the creature and the man's formerly nagging wife is eternally grateful to him for saving Earth.

Appearing in "They Vanished Forever!"

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Synopsis for "They Vanished Forever!"

An old ship captain and his crew find a seemingly-deserted ship. Upon boarding, they find one survivor who cannot remember what happened. The man is brought back to shore, but at an inquiry more questioning reveals nothing. Finally alone, it's revealed that the survivor is lying, and that the ship and crew encountered the legendary ship 'The Flying Dutchman', its ghost crew, and a hold of treasure. The man was the only one who did not loot the ship, and the rest of his crew-mates become ghosts, doomed to replace the original crew of The Flying Dutchman...

Appearing in "The TV Fan!"

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Synopsis for "The TV Fan!"

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Appearing in "A Fortune in Beans!"

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Synopsis for "A Fortune in Beans!"

Strange Tales Vol 1 98 026.jpg

A bean seller is chagrined to find that he has competition from the Giant, of Jack and Beanstalk fame, who has decided to go into business selling his giant beans.


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