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Synopsis for "He Waits in the Dark Alley"

A homeless man sleeps in an alley when he dreams that he finds tomorrow's newspaper. Thinking that he can use it for financial gain he looks through it and reads an article about a wealthy man being attacked. Figuring that he'll be rewarded if he intervenes he goes to where the incident occurs and foils the attack but he is blamed by those present and taken to jail. A policeman shakes him awake and tells him to move on from the alley when he hears the newspaper hit the ground just like in his dream. This time he burns it.

Appearing in "Man Afraid"

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Synopsis for "Man Afraid"

Steve has a sense about certain people that they are alien and travels around to avoid these individuals but feels lonely. He visits an old school friend but Steve receives his internal warning again. Steve's friend keeps him at gunpoint until he can explain to him that they are not aliens but human mutants and Steve is one of the group. This is why Steve can detect them as they have advanced psychic abilities and a secret institution where Steve will be sent to receive advanced training in their use in order to make the world a better place.

Appearing in "The Man Without A Heart"

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Synopsis for "The Man Without A Heart"

Oliver is a miser who threatens his debtors as Christmas approaches until he receives a visit from Santa warning him to mend his ways. Angered by the way the old man barges into his house Oliver fires one of his employees for a trivial error. Realizing the man forgot to turn in his office keys Oliver goes over to his house on Christmas morning to claim them and finds the small family having a subdued holiday. The man tells his wife not to be bitter towards Oliver and Oliver states that he never received any presents on Christmas. The little boy offers Oliver his toy boat. This simple act produces a change in Oliver's heart and he gives the boy's father his job back with a raise. As Oliver heads towards the office he passes Santa who congratulates him on his change of heart.

Appearing in "Those Who Plan"

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Synopsis for "Those Who Plan"

A man overhears dogs speaking of world conquest and attempts to alert the authorities but is driven off in an ambulance to an asylum. Two nearby dogs resolve to be more careful next time they discuss their plans.

Appearing in "Lost On The Wrong World"

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Synopsis for "Lost On The Wrong World"

When Harvey complains about the conditions at his boarding house he is warned that his bad temper will get him exiled. Harvey gets a new pair of glasses but everyone looks like everybody else. Harry is told everyone looks the same on Mars so he realizes that he has in fact been exiled. Harvey resolves to not get angry so that he can return to Earth but breaks his glasses and can't get new ones so he adjusts to living peacefully with the Martians believing that he has returned to Earth.

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