Stranglehold was a Deviant member of Damocles Foundation and also one of their elite warriors of Sword.[2]

Sword was tasked to bring defector Ulysses Bloodstone back dead or alive along with Arcadia DeVille, a Foundation test subject Ulysses helped in escaping.[3]

As Stranglehold and his team confronted Ulysses, Arcadia, and their ally Cannonball, Arcadia used her powers to summon X-Force. X-Force managed to defeat Sword by defeating Sword's members one at a time. Bloodstone and Arcadia took possession of Sword's ship and took Stranglehold and his team prisoner.[2]

Stranglehold and his team later got free and were charged with defending the Damocles Foundation base and once again fought X-Force. Selene took control of the Foundation's Celestial Gathered and used its power to turn Stranglehold and his team into lizards. The Gatherer was later destroyed by Moonstar and Arcadia, but its unknown if Stranglehold and his to revert to normal.[4]


  • Superhuman Strength: Stranglehold is a Deviant possessing an unknown level of superhuman strength.

Strength level



Armor that renders him impervious to physical harm.


Sword's ship and jet-assisted locomotion in his boots to launch him over the ground.

  • The Sword are not specifically referred to as Deviants in any stories, but the cover of X-Force I#84 calls them "the new Deviants."

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