S.C.A.R.s, Strategic Capture And Retrieval, was developed by General Sam Ryan, Dr. Young Soo Pock, J. Jonah Jameson as a cybernetic update the Super-Soldier program acting as black ops for the United States Army. Three women were chosen for the team and each was given a different cybernetic enhancement. Unfortunately, the upgrades also cause mental instability. Two members of S.C.A.R.s began taking mercenary jobs on the side to allow them to kill more. Finally, S.C.A.R.s was disbanded.[1] Ballistique and Rococo were both mind-wiped and given civilian lives.[2][3] Sylvius, who appeared mentally stable, was allowed to stay in military service, but was told Ballistique and Rocky died.[1] She continued her service and was eventually recruited by the MRD.[4]

Ballistique led a civil life for decades as a war vet suffering from PTSD until she contacted Monet looking for mental relief from her anguish. Monet agreed to help, but her telepathic interventions inadvertently unlocked Ballistique's true memories. Almost immediately Ballistique traveled to Richmond, Virginia to kill General Ryan.[2] She next went to Omaha, Nebraska to attack a "Nurse Coco" with a flame-thrower. Nurse Coco turned out to be Rococo, her former associate. With Rococo's memories restored the pair set off for New York City to assassinated Mayor Jameson.[3]

The pair reunited with Sylvius and attempted to assassinate Mayor Jameson at a public rally, but were foiled by X-Factor Investigations' and Black Cat's intervention. However, Ballistique did fatally wound Strong Guy[5] The trio was successful abducting Dr. Pock, but were again foiled by X-Factor and Black Cat. Monet was able to psychically attack Ballistique, leaving her in a permanent coma. Sylvius and Rococo, however, were able to escape.[1]

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