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Official Name
Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division
Current Member(s)
1602 Spider-Man, 1602 Spider-Man (Native American), Agent 9, Agent Venom, Agony, Ai Apaec, All-New Agent Venom, All-New Spider-Man 2099, Anansi the Spider God, Ancient Venom, Annie Parker, Arachno-Man, Araña, Assassin Spider-Man, Baal, Betty Brant (Spider-Girl), Black Cat, Black Suit Kraven, Black Suit Spider-Girl, Black Suit Swiney-Girl, Black Tarantula, Bombastic Bag-Man, Bombshell, Bullet Points Spider-Man, Bulletproof Spider-Armor, Buzz, Carnage, Carnage (Venomverse), Carlie Cooper (Spider-Island), Civil War Spider-Man, Classic Electro, Cosmic Spider-Man, Cyber Scarlet Spider, Dead Aim, Deathstorm, Doppelganger, Exoskeleton Araña, Father Spider, Flipside, Goblin, Ghost Spider, Guardian (Spider-Clone), Hammerhead (Inkling), Helix (Rafael Carago), Hunter Araña (Anya Corazon), Ichor, Iguana, Iron Spider, J. Jonah Jameson, Jessica Drew, Lady Spider, Lasher, Lasher (Cell-12), Lizard-Spider, Mace, Mac Gargan (Inkling), Madame Web, Magnaverse Black Cat, Mangaverse Spider-Man, Magnaverse Spider-Woman, Mania, Maniac, Mavis Trent, Mayhem, MC2 Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy), MJ Venom, Morbius, Native Superior Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Ninja Spider-Man, Nurotox Spider-Man, Payback, Phage, Poison Kraven the Hunter, Prowler, Prowler (Spider-Men), Poison, Queen Cat, Raptor, Raze, Red 9, Red Goblin, Riot, Scarlet Spider (Ben), Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Scorn, Scream, She-Venom, Silk, Silk (Cindy Moon), Silver Sable, SP//dr, Spider (Izumi), Spider-Ben, Spider-Carnage, Spider-Cowboy, Spider-Demon, Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton), Spider-Gwen, Spider-Hec, Spider Hero (Hobie Brown), Spider Jameson, the Super Astronaut, Spider-Knight, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man (Homecoming), Spider-Man: India, Spider-Man (Homemade Suit), Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man Reign, Spider-Man (Surveillance Suit), Spider-Man (Winter Outfit), Spider-Mech, Spider-MJ, Spider-Punk, Spider-Slayer, Spiders Man, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter), Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin), Spider-Woman (May Parker), Spider-UK, Spider-Venom, Spider-X, Spinner, Spyder-Man (Armor Wars), Starved Venom, Steel Spider, Superior Carnage, Superior Octopus (Duplicate), Swift-1, Tarantula, The Amazing Spider (Peter Parker), The Answer, The Six-Armed Spider-Man, Toxin, Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales Unmasked), Venom, Venom 2099, Venom Edward Brock, Venom (May Parker), Webslinger, Werewolf Spider-Man, Venom Zombie
Identity and Affiliations
Agent Venom Symbiote, Agony Symbiote, All-New Agent Venom Symbiote, Ancient Venom Symbiote, Anti-Venom Symbiote, Captain America, Captain Universe, Carnage Symbiote, Carnage Symbiote (Venomverse), Earth X Venom Symbiote, Iron Man, Lasher Symbiote, Mangaverse Squadron, Mania Symbiote, MJ Venom Symbiote, Phage Symbiote, Poison Symbiote, Raze Symbiote, Resistance (Spider-Island), Resistance (Venomverse), Riot Symbiote, Secret Warriors, Scorn Symbiote, Scream Symbiote, Spider-Carnage Symbiote, Spider-Ham Family, Spider-Men, Spider-Venom Symbiote, Superior Spider-Army, Superior Carnage Symbiote, The Pacifists, Toxin Symbiote, Toxin Symbiote-Spawn, Venom Symbiote, Venom 2099 Symbiote, Venom Edward Brock's Symbiote, Venom Zombie Symbiote, Web Warriors, Young Ultimates; formerly Angelo Fortunato's Venom Symbiote, Spider-Force
Global peace organization
Base of Operations
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Spider-Man Unlimited
(September 10, 2014)
Spider-Man Unlimited
(September 10, 2014)


Secret Warriors

A group of rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were able to frame Director Nick Fury for the murder of an alternate version of Spider-Man. After being taken into custody, he escaped and created the Secret Warriors. Together, they weeded out the traitors, allowing Fury to retake the mantle of S.H.I.E.L.D..


When the Sinister Six created a portal that allowed them to enter Earth-TRN461, S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to utilize the portal to create a team of Spider-Men from across the Multiverse to stop them.

Civil War II

After the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act, Spider-Man II convinced Fury to register with him. Fury sent agents to apprehend anti-SRA heroes, the Secret Avengers, but the snipers shot Agent Venom. Almost having caused the death of the hero, Nick stopped pursuing the Secret Avengers.

Symbiote World

After Spider-Man disobeyed Fury's order to disband the Spider-Force, he assembled a squad a S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to force them to disband and leave Klyntar.[1]


  • Nick Fury believes there may be a mole in his organization.[1]

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