Quote1 But are you sure everything in Superbook there is, you know, literal? I hate these brats for what they did to our pal, but does one of 'em really have to die? Quote2
-- Stretch src

Stretch was one of Alex Wilder's friends who played a Marvel heroes themed MMORPG along with Hunter, Oscar, and Lotus.[1][2] When he met his online gaming friends, he was living with his grandmother.[2]

After Alex's death, Hunter covertly researched Alex and the Pride. Believing the Alex and the Pride were the "good guys", the group used the Abstract to cast a spell to retrieve Alex from the past before he died. During the ceremony, Oscar died and a young Geoffrey Wilder was summoned to the present instead of Alex.[2]

Pride (Earth-616) and Molly Hayes (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 2 15 001

The New Pride kidnapping Molly Hayes

Thinking they could still honor Alex's memory and save the world, Stretch, Lotus, and Hunter formed the New Pride. Using magical items from the Minorus, the New Pride began to covertly gather information about the Runaway.[4][5] When they directly confronted the Runaways, they kidnapped Molly Hayes[6] not knowing that Geoffrey planned to sacrifice her to the Gibborim. During the rescue, Geoffrey seemingly murdered Gertrude Yorkes leading to the disbanding of the New Pride.[7]

Following Gert's death, Lotus returned to her day job and Hunter joined the Peace Corps to atone for the "blood" on his hands while Stretch checked himself into a mental health facility.[8]


Stretch (Earth-616) and Hunter (Pride) (Earth-616) with Stretch's Sword from Runaways Vol 2 17 001

Stretch with his sword


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