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The Strikeforce Ukiyoe was a Japanese ultra-nationalist group based on the ideas of writer Hashikura Masao, who was directly opposed to the Westernization of Japan. Hashikura organized a private army called Haru Society. He and four of its members instigated an attack on a military barracks in Tokyo, and there, the writer gave a speech against the constitution imposed on Japan after World War II. Following this action, Hashikura and his followers were martyred suicide according to the rituals of Bushido. All but Osamu Akutagawa, who lived in shame for not having followed his mentor to death. Determined to redeem himself, Akutagawa created Strikeforce Ukiyoe with the intention of fighting back against the Westernization of Japan. Coinciding with the release of the Captain America movie, Akutagawa launched its first attack on the parade that was taking place, but the sudden appearance of the real Captain America foiled their plans and had to flee. Akutagawa made ​​contact with Lady Deathstrike and convinced her to become his ally. Together, they prepared a new plan to attack you on opening night, but again, Captain America defeated Strikeforce Ukiyoe, preventing the planned terrorist attack.[1] What became of the group after that is unknown.

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