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Strikeforce X is a team of agents that used humans as test subjects and were given animal-like senses, enhanced strength and reflexes (probably drug-induced), an artificially engineered healing factor (techno-organic), nanites in their blood to help regrow tissue, adamantium-laced skeletons, energy claws, and maybe some bionic implants as well. They are not actually mutants but humans with enhancements given to them.[1]

Each amongst the crew are equipped with unique ammunition stock tailored specifically to hamper the hyper regenerative abilities of more robust individuals. The slugs cost a few hundred grand per-bullet to manufacture, so discharging them recklessly is rather costly.[2]

The mercenary unit Strikeforce X had been manufactured by a Roxxon corp. subsidiary known as Blackguard using stolen Weapon X files.[3] Their services sold to politically sensitive hot zones all across the globe for a hefty sum, all of which being a long play in order to draw Logan to them so the commissioner of their creation; a Chief Executive of said PMC facilitator, can present evidence of termination to ready & waiting military figures on top of the shareholders at his next board meeting.[2]

The true purpose of this new private militia was to show off a living weapons test, using dishonorably discharged army renegades as viable test subjects whom the executive would deploy to volatile case areas touched by Roxxon or any other developmental contractors with deep pockets and black souls to serve whatever grizzly ends they need to meet.

All for the general purpose of overtaking the armed forces market in the long run, generally replacing nationally coopted servicepeople with Strikeforce X platoons in a bid to push a massive multi-governmental spanning contract. Making them the de-factor military of the USA by a half decades end.[4]

Such plans were eventually stymied indefinitely by the intervention of Nord, Wolverine and the published article of one Melita Garner which exposed Blackguards amoral dealings under the table to the wider public. All while Wolverine dispatched what remained of the Chief's remaining forces by blasting the oilrig they'd all been waiting on in the middle of the ocean, taking advantage of the buoyancy deficiency the mercs new modifications come with to finish most of them in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, Maverick would find the whistleblower whom he'd sold the files to that were used in creating Strikeforce X and cutting him down as punishment for his misdeeds. On top of covering his own tracks in the long run.[5]

The last remining operatives stranded on a deserted island with the fallen executive would find new employment in the services of Kade Kilgore, whom would order said remnants to slaughter one another to earn positions as his bodyguards.[6][7]



Adamantium laced skeletons, protective body armor


Heavy artillery; possess special bullets designed to release 38 different kinds of cancer.[8] Laser talons can be launched like projectile stilettos.[4]

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