Stringer was a journalist and low level telepath who used his ability to read minds to gain interviews and information. Stringer worked for the Chicago Tribune and became one of the paper's top investigative reporters. Keeping his powers secret, Stringer won a Pulitzer Prize for his journalism. At some point during the latter's days in X-Factor, Stringer got to know the Multiple Man, Jaime Madrox.

While trying to investigate the attempted murder of one of his own dupes, Madrox rescued Stringer from street toughs hired to assault him by a Mr. Capetti in retaliation for stories that Stringer had written in the Tribune. Madrox blackmailed Stringer into using the Tribune's files to help him find the woman he saw in his murdered dupe's memories, threatening to out him as a mutant if he didn't help him. Jamie and Stringer discover that the woman was Sheila DeSoto, fiancee of crime boss Edward Vance.[1]

Later, Madrox was led to believe that Stringer was the would-be crime boss behind his attempted murder and confronted Stringer with this accusation at an old factory. Stringer quickly debunked the accusation, but unfortunately, the pair were ambushed by Clay and Sheila, who were the ones actually behind the dupe's murder. Shelia ended up killing Stringer to silence him.[2]


Low-Level Telepath: Stringer was a mutant who was able to read minds and used this power to get interviews and information.

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