Quote1 Hold on, Charlie. Two entry points. Different eras. One structure. Vance, could this place be outside time as well as space? Quote2
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The Structure is an esodimensional alien construct that's unique architecture enables it to exist outside both space and time, thus allowing it to extrude into real space and be accessed in multiple realities and eras across the Multiverse simultaneously.

The Guardians of the Galaxy encountered the hidden fortress near the outer edge of the Milky Way in Earth-616 when Rocket Raccoon convinced Groot and Drax to accompany him on a treasure hunt therein. Instead they discovered the Guardians of the Galaxy from circa 3000 CE who had located an entrance to the Structure in Earth-691 and were at that moment fleeing from the Highbreed Warriors of the Newcomers,[1] an extremely hostile army of beings who resided within the Structure after having been forcibly recruited via genetic alteration from thousands of worlds throughout the timestream, so that they could ultimately be deployed anywhere across a two-thousand year operational window in an eventual effort to conquer the Multiverse.[2]

Dramatically outnumbered, both teams ran; however, Charlie-27 was captured during the escape. Ducking through a doorway, the Guardians were surprised to find themselves suddenly outside of the Structure at the egress point to yet another alternate reality. Nikki's handhold indicated they were on Earth in the year 1016 AD, and they soon met the Guardians of the Galaxy from circa 1000 CE who, believing the other Guardians to be invading servants of the Newcomers, prepared to defend their homeworld.[1]

Following a brief skirmish, the three teams of Guardians were attacked by the Newcomers, who had teleported from the Structure to Tal Edra, Iraq in pursuit. Skytower was captured and then gene-cruited into a Highbreed Warrior, causing the shocking realization that the same likely happened to Charlie when he was seized during the previous escape. The loss of a teammate proved too much for Astrolabe's psyche, and the star inside him exploded, incinerating the Newcomers, though Al-Hasan was able to shield the Guardians from the blast in what appeared to be a final act.[3]

Traveling through the teleportal back into the Structure to seek answers, the Guardians found themselves in a martial gallery where they were soon surrounded by nearly five-thousand Highbreed Warriors.[4] Hopelessly overmatched, the group fought valiantly until all hope was seemingly lost, when suddenly they appeared to be miraculously saved by the unexpected return of Astrolabe, who hadn't died, rather merely quantum teleported to a safe distance where he could regain control over the star within. It turned out; however, to be a false hope, as Al-Hasan foolishly trusted that the leader of the Newcomers, a god-like being known as Hermetikus, would treat them justly in a prearranged parley, but instead he immediately imprisoned them all upon their teleportation to his location within the Structure.[2]


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