Strug was one of the poor souls who were captured and experimented on by the mad Dr. Miles Blackgar. As a result, Strug possessed a very large but grotesque appearance. The process also seemed to damage his intellectual capabilities and he seemed to have no recollection of who he was prior to his transformation.

When Jack Russell attempted to access Blackgar Island, he was captured by Dr. Blackgar's servent Garth. The doctor had Russell locked in a room in his castle, not realizing that Russell was a werewolf who would transform that night at the dawning of the full moon. As the Werewolf, Russell stalked the compound and found a room housing all of the unfortunate victims of Dr. Blackgar's experiments. The Werewolf felt some sense of pity for the unhappy creatures and freed them, they immediately attacked and killed their tormentor, Garth.[1]

Later, Dr. Blackgar's daughter, Marlene, had all of the creatures destroyed with the exception of Strugg who she used as her personal servent and henchman. When she discovered that the Werewolf had survived their earlier meeting they went to the home of Russell's step-father and sister and asked for their help in finding Jack and the copy of the Darkhold which he had taken. Jack's step-father demanded that his sister, Lissa, accompany them to Jack's to ensure his cooperation. The freakish trio captured Jack and his ally Buck Cowen and raided Russell's apartment looking for the book to no avail. When Russell came to, dusk was fast approaching and he fled the apartment before Buck or his sister could witness his transformation into the Werewolf. After this he came back and fought Strug. Though Strug did not wish to fight as he recognized the Werewolf as his rescuer, he was forced to, knowing that if he disobeyed Marlene would transform him to stone as she had done with the rest of the creatures. Strug appeared to have the upper hand in their battle as well, until Marlene got impatient with Strug's efforts and shot at the Werewolf, accidently shooting and killing Strug by mistake.[2]


Strug was very large and seemed to possess some measure of superhuman strength, as he was able to hold his own in combat with the Werewolf, who can lift approximately 1500 lbs.


Strug seemed to possess a low intellect.

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