Stryfe's history is presumably similar to his Earth-4935 Stryfe up to the point where Apocalypse attempted to remove the Techno-Organic Virus from Professor X. Apocalypse failed, causing Professor X to die and sent out a psychic scream across the solar system that caused Stryfe to lose control over his telekinetic bubble around Jean Grey and Cyclops. This resulted Jean and Cyclops in suffocating to death in the airless environment of the Moon.

Stryfe later confronted Cable, Wolverine, and Bishop who were fighting the Dark Riders to rescue Jean and Cyclops, unaware the pair had died. Stryfe then killed Wolverine and Bishop, but chose to spare Cable and took him prisoner. Apocalypse later showed up at Stryfe's base on the Moon and took back control of the Dark Riders. After Apocalypse defeated the X-Men and tried to kill Cable, Stryfe appeared. Apocalypse tried to convince Stryfe to join him, but Stryfe's demeanor had changed following Jean's and Cyclops' death. Now wanting to protect instead of destroy, Stryfe battled Apocalypse. Stryfe then used the time vortex machine built by Cable to destroy himself and Apocalypse.[1]


Seemingly those of the Stryfe of Earth-4935.

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