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Early Life

Stu Cicero was a huge fan of comics, and had won a Marvel Comics's prestigious No-Prize.[2] He was an employee of the law firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway as the Librarian, and he enjoyed archiving the companies collection of vintage comics in the law firm's basement.[3]

Duckworld & Return Home

Stu was once trapped on Duckworld, in the Earth-791021 reality, by the boss of GLK&H, Artie Zix, who he had discovered was actually an alien robot known as RT-Z9.[4] Thanks to his extensive knowledge of Marvel Comics along with the help of Ducktor Strange, he was able to find his way back to Earth-616, but he landed in the Florida Everglades. Stu briefly had to deal with the Man-Thing before he was saved by the creature's friend, Richard Rory. Rory offered to drive him back to New York, but, upon learning of his previous affair with She-Hulk, he stole his Jeep instead, not wanting to bring any more drama to She-Hulk's life. He rushed back to the city to let She-Hulk and his other co-workers know about the deception, but, when he got there, they had already been told Zix's secret, and Zix left as soon as Stu arrived.[5] After his return Stu decided to leave the law firm, who were supportive and helped him get a job working for Marvel Comics[6]

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Near encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel Comics.

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