Stuart Anthony Whyte was a scientist working on the development of stealth technology. Deciding to treat his family to a vacation at Disney World, Whyte booked a flight on Skyways Express and the family set off. At some point on their flight, the plane crashed through unknown means, and Whyte's family was killed. Overcome with grief and wanting to seek vengeance on Skyways, who he blamed for the deaths, he used his knowledge of stealth technology to create a special stealth suit.

After the passing of three years (presumably the time period it took to build the suit), Whyte set out to have his revenge. Immediately heading to Skyways' headquarters in New York City, he "whited out" parts of the building, causing confusion for those inside and outside of the building. Making his way through the building, he disabled two guards with a special stun gun (after "whiting out" part of their bodies), then broke into the CEO, Thomas Grossman's office. Explaining to Grossman what had happened to his family, and that he held the company (and Grossman, specifically as the CEO) responsible, Whyte made to kill Grossman, but was interrupted by the arrival of Thunderstrike, who had come to investigate the mysterious whiting out of the building. Angry at his interruption, Whyte told Thunderstrike of the incident involving his family, then drew a lethal gun on Grossman, though Thunderstrike shattered it with his mace before it could be used. To make his escape, Whyte used his powers on Thunderstrike, making him believe his arm had been removed briefly. Recovering from the shock, Thunderstrike made to nab Whyte, but was instead sent hurtling through a wall as Whyteout made his escape.

Deciding on a different tactic, Whyte attacked John F. Kennedy International Airport, whiting out a huge portion of the runway with a massive white dome. Soon after, Thunderstrike arrived and entered the dome, attacking a distracted Whyte. Quickly recovering, Whyte threw special pellets at the hero, briefly blinding him. Growing angry, Thunderstrike lashed out, destroying a portion of a whited out plane directly above him, and becoming buried beneath it. Thinking the hero defeated, Whyte began to walk away to carry out his plan, but was shocked by Thunderstrike's recovery. Thinking quickly, Whyte proceeded to white out all of the hero's body, minus his head. Trying a new tactic, Thunderstrike fell to the ground, allowing him to gain his sense of direction in the massive area of white. The hero then summoned a massive bolt of lightning through the dome, causing Whyte's suit to be disabled. As Whyte went for his gun, Thunderstrike crushed it in the villain's hand. Defeated, Whyte made to surrender, but was seemingly killed by a blast from Bloodaxe, who had been outside the dome.[1]


Utilized an all-white suit that was capable of "whiting out" anything he willed it to. This "whiting out" seemed to merely be a parlor trick, making whatever he willed into pure whiteness.


Utilized a gun capable of knocking out its opponents.

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