Stuart Wendel was subjected to an early prototype of the formula that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America back in 1941. Unfortunately for Stu, the formula tested on him did not grant him super-strength or durability, but instead turned him into a living blob of flesh. The people experimenting on him soon discovered that his growing flesh also secreted a chemical that caused profound euphoria in those who were exposed to it. He was thus seconded to a facility owned by the Wright-Armstrong Corporation, which was seeking to replicate the formula that created Captain America, for further study.[1] While at Wright-Armstrong, he befriended Chrissie Cutler, the daughter of two of the company's employees, as well as several of the other test subjects. One of the subjects, Manny Joslin, whose mental health deteriorated as a result of the experiments, dubbed the facility "Nightmerica".[2]

The Wright-Armstrong experiments were largely failures, and the company collapsed, with the "Nightmericans" going their separate ways.[2] Cut off from the safety of the Facility, Stu was captured and kept in captivity in St. Louis, where local drug dealers harvested his flesh to produce a drug that they called "Normal".[1]

Eventually, he was discovered by Bruce Banner and Chrissie, who sought to reunite him with the other "Nightmericans", who were being pursued by Mohamed Simensky, the new owner of Wright-Armstrong. With Bruce's help, Stu was freed and loaded onto a van in pursuit of another Nightmerican, Mrs. Grey.[1]

Despite his horrifying transformation, Stuart is friendly and personable, though his understanding of the world seems to be several decades out of date.


Stu's body secretes a chemical that has a highly-addictive psychotropic effect likened to "being in the Disney store". His powers appear to give him a certain amount of influence over those directly exposed to his skin.[1]


Stuart has limited mobility due to his badly misshapen and mutilated figure.

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