The crook known as Stumpy was an robber who was active during the 1940s. During a stint in prison, he made friends with a bunch of fellow cons who all bore a grudge against the people who locked them away. Stumpy came up with a plot to use fingerprint casts of these hated individuals to frame them for crime when they all got out of prison. They were all released by the fall of 1942 and began their plot in earnest. They succeeded in framing the former governor of New York for a kidnapping plot first.

After Stumpy got a copy of the fingerprints belonging Mr. Fitzpatrick, a bank manager, they then robbed his bank. Although they were opposed by the Human Torch and Toro, they managed to escape. They left behind two bits of evidence: the planted fingerprints belonging to Mr. Fitzpatrick, and coal dust that they inadvertently brought to the crime scene from their hideout in a waterfront coal storage facility. While the police took the fingerprints and took Mr. Fitzpatrick into custody as their only suspect, the Human Torch and Toro -- knowing that Fitzpatrick was not at the scene of the crime -- investigated the coal.

They tracked down Stumpy and their gang; however, the crook managed to douse the heroes' flames and force them into surrender when Stumpy threatened the Torch's life. They then locked the two heroes into a room that they filled with coal gas to smother them while they went to frame their next target: The mayor of New York by robbing the safes at city hall. Unfortunately for Stumpy and his crew, the Torch and Toro broke free and apprehended the crooks, clearing the names of all those they framed for their crimes.[1]

The fate of Stumpy following his arrest is unknown.


Stumpy had the means to cast prints of an individuals finger prints which he could take off of any surface that a latent print was left on.

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