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Namor sub-mariner comics (1941).png
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Ongoing Series (Cancelled series)
Genre: Superhero
Status: Finished
Publication Date: March, 1941October, 1955
42 issues • 219 images • 13 reprinted issues • 1 TPB edition

Issues 1-23

Issues 24-32

However, the Sub-Mariner Comics series still continued being published using the same numbering
Sub-Mariner Comics was cancelled and replaced in the Fall of 1949 with Best Love Vol 1 # 33 which continued the series numbering from the Sub-Mariner series.


Sub-Mariner Comics was briefly revived starting in 1954, continuing the numbering from issue #33.
Due to lagging sales, Sub-Mariner Comics was once more cancelled after its October 1955 issue.