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Appearing in "Ghosts Can't Kill"

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Synopsis for "Ghosts Can't Kill"

With supply ships heading to China being sunken by Japanese fleets. When the news reaches the Sub-Mariner, he wonders how the American battleship protecting the convoy could so easily be taken down. Swimming out to the location of the most recent attack, Namor finds an interesting thing: There appears to be one more supply ship than reported and part of its American flag had been weathered away revealing a Japanese one underneath.

The Sub-Mariner heads to navy intelligence and arrives just as they have made a decision to ask him to accompany the next supply convoy that is due to head to China in two days.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Emperor Hirohito meets with his agent Yoko, the man in charge of the operation. He instructs Yoko to go out and destroy the next convoy heading to China and instructs him that failure should end in death at his own hands. When the American fleet is attacked by a fleet of Japanese battleships, the Sub-Mariner dives into the ocean to lend a hand. Spotting a cargo ship among the Japanese fleet, Namor swims up to investigate. He then clashes with Yoko and his men, just as American and Japanese fleets begin to clash. Namor realizes that the Japanese are sneaking in a dummy supply ship to sink the American fleets once they get away from the battle. Before Namor can do anything, Yoko drops the hook of a supply crane on his head, knocking him out.

Yoko and his men chain up Namor and take him inside the vessel, which is actually a shell disguising a Japanese submarine. When Namor comes around he uses his strength to break free from his bonds. He then sneaks to the ballast, causing the sub to surface revealing its true nature to the American fleet. Noticing this, Yoko and his men track down the Sub-Mariner who attacks them as the American fleet begins to fire upon their vessel.

Yoko and his crew manage to get the vessel to dive just as the fleet lands a direct his on the decoy shell, destroying it. Namor manages to subdue Yoko's crew and then takes control of the ship and forces it to surface once more. When Yoko attempts to commit suicide, Namor stops him and pulls the knife out of his hands. Namor then uses the Japanese sub to attack the fleet of Japanese battleships. When the Japanese return fire, the Sub-Mariner abandons ship and leaves Yoko and his crew to die when the vessel is sunk. Namor then swims to the only remaining Japanese ship and captures its admiral and turns him over to the American fleet. With the battle over the convoy makes its way to China where Namor is thanked for his help.

Appearing in "The Mysterious Dr Suki"

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Synopsis for "The Mysterious Dr Suki"

The Sub-Mariner is swimming toward the California coast to meet up with Betty Dean to go on a date. Along the way he spots Japanese Zero fighters begin to attack the city even though its in a blackout. The Sub-Mariner rushes to the aircraft carrier in and easily fights his way aboard and uses its supply of torpedoes to destroy the Japanese planes and the ship as well. As Namor swims to shore he wonders how the attack was carried out, a group of Japanese prisoners of war at an internment camp return to their beds after succeeded in guiding their fellow Japanese in the attack and they begin plotting their next attack.

When Namor arrives at FBI headquarters to meet up with Betty, he offers to assist the feds in determining how Japanese agents were able to attack their target even though there was a blackout. Soon some local farmers come to FBI headquarters and tells them that they saw strange fires lit during the blackout. Also surprisingly, the area used to be owned by Japanese immigrants before the war and all Japanese were moved to the near by internment camp. With Namor disguised as a local farmer, he and Betty Dean investigate an abandoned farm house that the farmers mentioned. There they catch Dr. Suki and his men taking orders from Tokyo via radio. Namor attacks, however the Japanese men outnumber them and Betty is grabbed while Namor is stunned by a blow to the head. Dr. Suki attempts to drown Namor in a fishbowl, but when this fails they all realize who they are dealing with. With his strength revitalized by the water, Namor fights back. While freeing Betty, Dr. Suki and most of his men flee the scene and the one agent who is left behind shoots himself before Namor can get him to talk.

With Suki and his men vanished without a trace, Namor deduces the only place they could be hiding out is the internment camp. When he and Betty pay a visit to the camp while the prisoners are sleeping, Namor spots Suki and his minions sleeping in some of the beds. Namor then arranges to be placed in one of the bed and he waits for Suki and his men to act. Sure enough, the wake up and make it look as though they are sleeping with their covers over their heads. Namor follows after them and is shocked to find a secret tunnel under the camp complete with an electric car. As he secretly follows Suki and his men, the Sub-Mariner listens as Suki gloats about how the tunnel was prepared years before the war in order to facilitate such attacks on the United States.

When the Japanese men arrive at their destination, a nearby oil field, the Sub-Mariner strikes, easily taking down Suki and his men and blocking their escape. Placing them in an oil tanker, he calls the FBI who apprehend them. When the Japanese fighters arrive in the area to make their attack, they are shocked to find their beacon is not in place and they are quickly shot out of the sky. With the threat over, Namor tells Betty that so long as the war is ongoing he will put fighting it ahead of any dates in the future.

Appearing in "The Case of the Beggar Prince"

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Synopsis for "The Case of the Beggar Prince"

In England, the Angel is assigned by the State Department to escort Bernard Hix, a legation member back to the United States so that he can turn over evidence that will be used during trials on Nazi war criminals once the war is over.

As the plane is being prepared to leave England, the two British pilots are knocked out and replaced by Nazi agents led by Captain Felix von Tont who is under orders to prevent the evidence from reaching the United States.

When the plane takes off, Von Tont makes his presences known when the Angel and Hix realize that something strange is going on. When the Angel attacks Von Tont, he gets the upper hand, however one of the Nazi pilots comes into the passenger area and knocks him out. The plane soon lands in the ocean to await for a Nazi U-Boat to arrive and take them all to Nazi Germany. Von Tont and his men take Hix and his evidence but leave the Angel behind.

The Angel revives and follows after them, jumping one of the U-Boat sailors and stealing his uniform. This is just moments before the Nazis use the guns on the U-Boat to blast the plane out of the water. Aboard the vessel, the Angel makes his way to the radio room where he knocks out the technician and uses the radio to contact the British Navy and report the location of the ship.

When Von Tont and his men catch the Angel, he is activating the ballast and forcing the sub to surface. Before they can eliminate the hero, the U-Boat is then rammed by a British ship. Facing impossible odds, Von Tont decides to return the favor by ramming one of the British vessels. The captain of the British ship sees this tactic and orders the vessel to turn hard port. When the U-Boat crashes into the side of the ship it gets stuck. The Angel breaks free and rushes to the conning tower where he gets one of the British sailors to toss him a machine gun. He then guns down the Nazi sailors and begins searching for Von Tont and Hix. He finds them, and the U-Boat captain in the ammo store where Von Tont threatens to set off a torpedo and kill them all. The Angel shoots him dead and easily subdues the captain who surrender after a hefty beating.

With Hix safe and the pair back on their travels to the United States, Hix remarks how pointless the German attack was as the Defense Department back in the States had photostatic copies of the documents already.


All though first referenced in All Winners Comics #6, this is the first Timely Publication to depict the internment camps the United States operated during World War II for the purposes of imprisoning Japanese immigrants due to suspicions they might be spies for their native country.

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