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Appearing in "Stunning Blow to Nippon"

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Synopsis for "Stunning Blow to Nippon"

The Sub-Mariner is exploring a seaport town where he happens by a plaza that is advertising a swimming show featuring champion swimmer Carl Wildmer. Wildmer happens to walk into Namor while the Atlantean prince is reading the billboard. When Wildmer tries to start a fight with Namor, the fight is broken up by passers by and Namor decides to see what sort of swimming skill Wildmer has and purchases a ticket to the show.

As it turns out, Wildmer happens to offer five hundred dollars to the person who can beat Wildmer in a lap race. Namor accepts the challenge and not only beats Wildmer but humiliates him in the process. Winning the five hundred dollars without contest, Namor asks the manager of the competition to donate the money to War Emergency Fund.

Just then, a Japanese sub just off short begins bombing the city. Hearing the attack, Namor rushes off to the ocean. He swims toward an American vessel and learns that they lost the sub. At that moment, a naval officer on the ship conning tower spots a swimmer heading in the direction of where the Japanese subs were coming from. Recognizing the man as Wildmer, Namor jumps into the water and swims after him.

When Namor attempt to catch up to Wildmer, but is accidentally struck by a bomb dropped by a spotter plane trying to find the Japanese sub, knocking the Sub-Mariner out. Wildmer takes Namor prisoner and carries him to the Japanese sub. There the commander of the ship straps Namor to a torpedo and prepares to fire it at the American ship. Shot out of the torpedo tube. As he hits the water, Namor revives and redirects the torpedo back at the Japanese sub. The resulting explosion sinks the sub killing everyone on board.

Appearing in "The Mystery of Sabotage City"

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Synopsis for "The Mystery of Sabotage City"

With newspapers with headlines about a massive prehistoric monster attacking ships at sea, the Sub-Mariner decides to investigate the claims. Spotting an American convoy, Namor decides to escort it along its route. When the ship is attacked by Japanese subs, Namor goes into action to stop them. Namor begins decimating the subs, eventually tricking the wolf pack to collide with each other.

When Namor returns the surface and sees the prehistoric creature attacking the supply ship. To his surprise, the creature pulls the ship underwater, however he loses it the slit. Returning to the surface he spots an American tanker also being attacked by the creature. Climbing aboard the tanker, the Sub-Mariner is taken along as the creature carries the vessel to a secret underground facility under the ocean where all the "destroyed" ships are being kept.

Realizing the Japanese are somehow controlling the monster, Namor attacks the Japanese sailors in the facility. Grabbing a torpedo he tosses it at the monster, the resulting explosion kills it. Namor then escapes out of the Japanese base, setting it to flood as he does so, killing all the Japanese sailors inside.

Appearing in "The Battle of Kwangto"

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Synopsis for "The Battle of Kwangto"

The Sub-Mariner is called to naval intelligence where he is told that there is a radio message for him from Betty Dean. As it turns out, Betty has gone to the city of Kwangto, China, where she has volunteered to help evacuate Chinese orphans. With the mission threatened by Japanese attack, Namor rushes there to come to her aid.

In Kwangto, Betty is herding the children as Japanese forces are bearing down on the city. However, Betty and her aids are soon captured and brought before the commanding officer of the Japanese army, Marshal Ito. When Ito attempts to charm Betty, she tells him he'd rather be executed than listen to his compliments. In response, Ito decides to force her to watch as the civilians are executed.

At that time Namor arrives just as the slaughter is about to begin and has come to the heroes rescue. When Namor begins beating the Japanese soldiers into submission Ito threatens to kill Betty if Namor does not stand down. They are brought to a nearby castle where Namor is subdued by Ito's scientist Dr. Soku who tosses a rag filled with chloroform at the hero. When Namor comes to he finds himself and Betty strapped to an operating table and perform a blood transfusion between the two of them.

With his strength restored, Namor breaks free from his bonds and attacks. Namor beats the two into submission and then frees Betty. The pair then attempts to escape, with Namor fighting the Japanese soldiers who get in his way. When Ito attempts to attack Namor with a grenade, the hero tosses the Japanese commander away, causing him to die in the resulting grenade explosion. With the Japanese forces defeated, Namor assist Betty in leading the surviving refugees to safety.

Appearing in "Charity Bazaar Murders"

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Synopsis for "Charity Bazaar Murders"

A bank robbery orchestrated by Tom Mallone is thwarted by the authorities and the Angel and in the course of the attempt to stop the robbery Mallone is shot dead. Mallone is survived by his three children: Pete, Pat and Jake. The trio blame the Angel for their fathers death and vow revenge on the hero.

In order to do so, Pete gets Pat to get a volunteer job as an usher a jewel collection on display. When the jewels are on display, Pat alerts Pete and Jake are alerted. Jake is ordered to set a fire to one of the tents and is spotted by the Angel who tries to stop him. With the fire raging the crowd panics allowing Pete and Pat to break the display case and steal the jewels on display. The Angel ties up Jake in a safe place and goes after Pat and Pete. Pete knocks the Angel out and the pair flee.

Returning to where he has been keeping Jake safe, the Angel forces the kid to talk. Learning that they are trying to get revenge on the Angel for their fathers death, the boy surprises the Angel with a sucker punch and flees. The Angel chases after the boy and is led back to the Mallone's home.

When Jake arrives ahead of the hero, he tells his brother and sister that the Angel is after him. They prepare a trap and catch the hero in a leg snare when he enters the room. They then set a fire under the Angel and leave him to burn to death. The Angel quickly tears his cape and uses a burning portion of it to burn through his bonds. He then breaks out a window and lands in the Mallone's getaway car. Their struggles lead to the car crashing throwing Pat from the vehicle. Before Pete can dash out the dazed Angel's brains with a rock Jake notices that their sister Pat was killed in the crash. Stricken with guilt over killing his sister, Pete snaps and jumps off a nearby cliff and falls to his death.

With both of his siblings dead, the Angel gets the young Jake to understand the price of petty revenge.

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