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Appearing in "The Fog of the Living Death"

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Synopsis for "The Fog of the Living Death"

A supply ship is leaving England to the Italian front. As it sails the ocean it passes through a mysterious black fog that puts the entire crew into a near death state. They are found later by a surveillance plane.

When the story reaches the mainland it is read by both the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean. The both part company, with Betty going to cover the news on the African front, while Namor goes searching for clues as to the origins of the strange smoke. His search of the oceans lead him to a Nazi submarine which attacks him. Although the Nazis manage to blast a torpedo at him, it merely stuns Namor who rips the sub to shreds. Searching the dead Nazi's for clues, he finds a log book with the coordinates where the next attack can be found. Realizing it is the exact location that Betty's ship will pass through, Namor swims off to intercept her ship.

Arriving in the area, Namor spots Betty's ship and attempts to board it. It is suddenly enveloped in the fog. Namor's Atlantean physiology prevents the fog from having a full effect on him, only stunning him for a short time. Checking for Betty, Namor is relieved to find her and some of the crew were unaffected by the fog due to being in the bridge, which was up higher than the fog.

When Nazi agents board the fish, Namor attempts to fight them off but is knocked out from behind by a blow to the back to the head. He, Betty and the surviving crew members aboard a massive submarine. There they are brought before the ships captain, Baron von Wetzel. He tells Namor that he intends to use his new gas to win the "Battle of the Atlantic" for the Nazis. He then places Namor into a heat cabinet to die. As they approach a Red Cross vessel, Wetzel places a bucket of water in view of Namor to taunt him. However, Betty manages to knock it over, splashing its contents on Namor's face and revive his strength.

Breaking free from his bonds, Namor fights off the Nazis and sinks the vessel, killing all aboard while he and Betty swim to the Red Cross vessel to be rescued.

Appearing in "The Shriveled Young"

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Synopsis for "The Shriveled Young"

At an American army base on St. Lazzar Island in the West Indies, soldiers are cleaning up for the night when some Nazi spies approach their window and fire a dart that strikes one of the soldiers. Suddenly, he begins to rapidly age until he dies. Soon a rash of similar deaths occur across the island.

When news reaches Washington D.C., the military calls in the Sub-Mariner for his assistance. Going to the island to investigate the strange occurrence. There he meets with the local doctor Hugo Polter, his daughter Elsa, and his colleague Dr. Lulville. While Dr. Lulville is able to speak frankly about the mystery illness and how he is working on developing an antidote, Polter acts suspiciously.

With one of the victims was a dredger, Namor decides to search about his dredging yard. There Namor finds darts from a blow gun realizing how the illness is spread. Spotting divers in the water, Namor dives down into the water and confronts them. While Namor fights with the divers, one of their number traps him in the clamps of a dredging crane. But before he can bury Namor under tons of ice and escapes.

Rushing to Lulville's apartment, Namor finds it has been ransacked and Lulville missing. Searching the room he finds the phrase "Try Pirat" written on the doctors blotter. While trying to figure out the clue, Namor is confronted by Elsa who had just been struck with the drug that causes rapid aging. She tries to warn him regarding her father as she dies, but only mentions a cove. Realizing that both doctors are at Pirates Cove, Namor dives into the water and fights off Nazi divers along the way.

Arriving at Pirates Cove, Namor is met by Dr. Polter, also infected with the disease. He warns Namor that Lulville was responsible before dying. Rushing into the cave, Namor ambushes the Nazis and uses a dart gun firing the darts at the the Nazi agents and Lulville. They attempt to escape in futility as they rapidly age and they all die of old age before they can escape.

Appearing in "Spawn of the Sea"

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Synopsis for "Spawn of the Sea"

While staying at a Palm Beach hotel, Namor answers a knock to the door. When he answers it he finds nothing there but a note issuing a challenge from a man calling himself "Ogar of the Ocean" to a duel to see who is the true ruler of the ocean.

Searching the package the note came in, he finds his first clue a mirror with "Who is the Fairest One of All" written on it. Realizing that he is talking about a beauty pageant on the beach, Namor rushes there. When he arrives he arrives just in time to see giant creatures come out of the ocean and attack the people on the beach. Although the massive creatures prove to be strong, Namor finds a means to destroy them saving what beach goers he can.

Finding his second clue attached to a post out in the ocean, which leads him to Daytona Beach. There he finds American bombers attacking more of the creatures in the water. Searching the water below the battle, he finds a pouch containing a strange powder. Following the sediment to Ogar's submarine, where he finds that Ogar has allied himself with the Nazis. Attempting to fight off the Nazi soldiers aboard the ship, Namor is knocked out from behind. With Namor bound, Ogar tells Namor that he created a drug that causes single celled organisms into massive creatures.

As Ogar gloats over his victory, Namor manages to knock over a vat of acid that burns through the submarine. As the sub begins to sink, Namor grabs Ogar and swims him to the surface where he turns him over to the authorities. As he is being carried away, Ogar vows to get revenge against Namor some day.

Appearing in "Tell-Tale Cigarette"

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Synopsis for "Tell-Tale Cigarette"

One night, Babs Dalton -- daughter of the wealthy Fred Dalton -- and her boyfriend Tom Evans are heading home from a date when they are confronted by a thug who knocks Tom out and takes Babs hostage. Soon a ransom letter demanding $100,000 dollars be paid for her safe return.

Fred calls the Angel and explains the situation, but refuses to try and trick the kidnappers. When Ted calls to explain his side of the story, the Angel goes in Fred's place and during the interview Ted offers the Angel one of his special blend of cigarette. When the Angel returns to Dalton's apartment he learns that he is set to meet with the kidnappers with the ransom money at Haven Cemetery.

The Angel goes, disguising himself as Dalton to try and save Babs. There he demands the pick up men to tell them where Babs is hidden. When they refuse to talk, he doffs his disguise and attacks the men. The Angel is clocked by behind by more of the mobs men take the money and return to the hideout of their employer, a man calling himself Funny Face.

When the Angel comes around he follows after them, able to follow their tire tracks. At the hideout, the Angel catches the men beating on Babs and fights them into submission. When freeing Babs from her bonds and blindfold, he spots a pack of special brand cigarettes. Confronting Tom Evans, the Angel accepts another cigarette and pretends to smoke it, knowing its drugged, and pretends to pass out while Tom explains that he orchestrated to kidnapping to pay off his gambling debts. He then leaves a bomb to kill the Angel and goes to the Dalton home to get the money directly.

The Angel quickly disposes the bomb before it goes off and rushes to the Dalton house where he stops Tom from trying to ransom the family. Not willing to be arrested Tom jumps out the window and falls to his death.

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