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Appearing in "The Man Who Grew!"

Featured Characters:


  • Dr. Dill (First and only known appearance)

Synopsis for "The Man Who Grew!"

Sub-Mariner's arch-nemesis Dr. Dill has perfected a growth formula which he intends to use against Namor in order to cause him to grow to gigantic size and fall off the Earth itself. He quickly tracks down the Sub-Mariner and offers him friendship and purchases Namor a soft drink. Although Namor sees Dill slip his formula into the drink, the Sub-Mariner foolishly drinks it anyway and soon finds himself growing out of control.

While Dill and his gang plot to rob a gold shipment, the Sub-Mariner finds himself growing at an alarming rate and at the demands of New York City, flees the metropolis before he can cause any more damage. Forced out to sea, Namor happens upon the robbery and grabs Dill's ship and forces him to administer the antidote. Namor is restored to his normal size and turns Dill and his men over to the authorities.

Appearing in "The Lost Land!"

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Synopsis for "The Lost Land!"

Having a night alone with Betty Dean, the Sub-Mariner tells her a story about his ancestor who lived in Atlantis centuries ago before the continent sunk....

During those days Tolan felt an ill omen that would bring the end of his kingdom. One day, an inventor named Nagorbu developed a new magnet that could repel human flesh and offered it to Tolan as a new weapon they could use to gain superiority over the universe. Tolan believed that such a device was evil and ordered it dumped into the ocean where it sank to the bottom of the sea. However, Nagorbu had gathered faithful followers who attempted to retrieve the magnet and use it. However Nagorbu's constant searching and digging caused floods that eventually sank Atlantis and the survivors of that disaster developed the ability to breath under water and rebuilt their kingdom.

... Finishing his story, Namor is asked by Betty what happened to the magnet. Namor explained that the magnet eventually sunk to the centre of the Earth, eventually creating gravity. When Betty asks if the story is true, Namor tells her that he is uncertain how much is truth and how much is fiction.

Appearing in "The Sea Wolf"

Featured Characters:


  • Buster Miller

Synopsis for "The Sea Wolf"

Buster Miller is harassing two young girls out tanning on a lake, by showing off. Seeing this Namor teaches Miller a lesson by pretending to drown and then out racing him, delivering Buster the humility he deserved.

Appearing in "Hypnotist Horror"

Featured Characters:


  • Lem Snipe

Synopsis for "Hypnotist Horror"

Lem Snipe, a Nazi spy arrested during the war has finished serving his time and is being released from prison. Angry that he was captured by Captain America, the criminal decides to get revenge against the hero using the hypnosis techniques he learned while in prison.

To test out his abilities, he goes to a local diner and forces the waitress to walk out into the street into the path of on coming traffic. Coincidentally enough, Captain America's alter ego Jeff Mace is outside when it happens and he saves the girl from a fatal accident. Walking the girl back to the diner, Jeff spots Snipe and recognizes him. He quickly leaves and changes into Captain America and attacks him. Their fight takes them out into the alley behind the restaurant where Snipe attempts to use his hypnotic powers to will Captain America dead. However, the hero manages to have a stronger will than Snipe and survives while Snipe himself is driven mad and institutionalized.

Appearing in "The Drink of Death!"

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Synopsis for "The Drink of Death!"

The Sub-Mariner is tricked by the Spoiler into drinking a potion that the villain claims will cause Namor death if he comes into contact with water. The Spoiler then mocks the hero before going off and robbing the captain of the ship "Good Heart" which was carrying money for an orphans fund. When the captain returns to shore and asks Namor for help, the hero -- fearing the effects of the Spoiler's potion -- turns his back on him. The story is picked up by the press, disgracing the Sub-Mariner.

Aboard the Good Heart, the Sub-Mariner tries to explain his delicate situation when the Spoiler returns to steal the rest of the money. Namor fights the Spoiler who then flees in the water. Namor takes a gamble and dives in after him and finds out that he is unaffected and easily beats the Spoiler, who admits that the potion did not really work. The Spoiler is turned over to the authorities and Namor's reputation is redeemed.


  • The story "The Man Who Grew" refers to Doctor Dill as Namor's "Arch Nemesis", this is referenced by the narrative, Dill himself, and the Sub-Mariner. However this is the only appearance of the Doctor Dill to date, how he managed to obtain such a distinctive title is unknown.
  • The story "The Lost Land!" completely refutes the Great Cataclysm which is historically known as the cause for the sinking of Atlantis. The story recounted by Namor here is likely only an Atlantean myth.
  • This is the first story in which Namor's home is actually referred to as Atlantis.
  • Although the narrative of the Captain America story refers to him as Steve Rogers, as per the retcon of What If? #4 this appearance is attributed to Jeff Mace.
  • Lem Snipe states that he was a Nazi spy who was captured by Captain America during the World War II. That said, as per the above mentioned retcon, this means that he was captured in 1940, during the period that Steve Rogers was active as Captain America. Which creates an inconsistency given the retcon, as Jeff Mace would not have captured Snipe. One could assume that his recognition comes from his access to government files during his tenure as Captain America in the late 40s.

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