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Appearing in "The Sub-Mariner Raps the Japs In the Pacific!"

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  • SM-1 (Only appearance)[1] (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "The Sub-Mariner Raps the Japs In the Pacific!"

Hearing how the Japanese are employing two men submarines in the war, the Sub-Mariner decides to construct an even more deadly vehicle to give them a run for their money. With his chief lieutenant Folma, Namor designs the SM-1, a powerful submarine that seats three passengers. Picking two of his best soldiers to accompany him, the Sub-Mariner takes the SR-1 out to the shores of Australia, where the Australian military is fending off attacks from the Imperial Japanese Navy.

At first Namor's new sub catches the Japanese Navy off guard, but he is forced to surface when a stray round blasts off the top of his periscope. While he still manages to be a match for the Japanese battle ships, his sub is struck by a torpedo, blasting its crew out of the ship. The only survivor, the Sub-Mariner, refuses to give up the battle. Taking control of a capsized Japanese P.T. Boat, he uses it to ram into a Japanese destroyer.

Seeing his ruined sub has not yet sunk, Namor liberates some depth charges from it and destroys another battle ship, then empties its machine gun on a motorboat full of Japanese soldiers trying to get to the Australian shore. When his ammunition runs out, he uses the sub's flamethrower to roast those who escape the spray of bullets alive.

With his ammunition depleted, the monarch of the deep dives into the ocean once more and takes control of a Japanese sub, tossing out its control room pilot and uses its weapons to destroy more Japanese ships. All the while, the pilot of the sub is unaware that his weapons are being used to destroy his allies. When he's depleted the torpedoes aboard this sub, he then pulls the pilot out of the ship and leaves him to be gunned down by American soldiers. Namor then begins capsizing more landing ships and drowning the Japanese soldiers aboard them until he is attacked by a bomber plane.

Flying up to the craft, Namor forces the pilots out of the plane using its bombs to destroy a Japanese carrier. When another bomber attacks him, Namor shoots it out of the sky with his planes machine guns before crashing it into another destroyer. Bailing out before the explosion, Namor attacks another pair of landing boats, using the propeller of one to wreck the other. Just then American bombers arrive on the scene, convincing Namor that the situation is well under control and leaves.

Appearing in "The Sub-Mariner Smashes an Uprising At Manila"

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Synopsis for "The Sub-Mariner Smashes an Uprising At Manila"

Swimming home from the East Indies, the Sub-Mariner happens upon a leaky raft containing an injured passenger on board. Seeing a nearby life boat, Namor swims to it and dumps out the dead bodies inside and pulls the wounded man aboard. Revived, the man introduces himself as Barney Devens and he tells that his ship was attacked by Japanese forces. He tells Namor that his sweetheart Gi-Gi is on Manila Bay with important information for the US military. They are soon attacked by Japanese forces. Outgunned, Namor uses his superior strength and swimming speed to pull the lifeboat to safety and they are eventually picked up by a US destroyer. With Barney in safe hands, Namor dives into the water and heads for Manila Bay, hoping to rescue Gi-Gi before it's too late.

Arriving on shore, Namor is appalled by the destruction caused by the Japanese military and is further angered by the signs ordering all whites to stay off the street. He is soon attacked by Japanese soldiers but easily defeats them. Stealing a uniform, he begins searching for Gi-Gi and finds her in the ruins of a Red Cross building. Convincing her who he really is, the pair are soon ambushed by Japanese soldiers and easily overpowered. Taken to the home of the head Sergeant of the Japanese military, they refuse to talk. Namor is chained up and tossed in a room while the Sergeant prepares to torture Gi-Gi. Breaking free of his bonds, Namor arrives to stop the Sargent from torturing Gi-Gi, but is knocked by a blow to the head.

Chained up again, Namor is revived when he smells that the Japanese soldiers have lit Gi-Gi's hair on fire to force her to talk. Breaking free, Namor knocks out the soldiers and tries to flee with the unconscious Gi-Gi in his arms. Spotting soldiers ahead and knowing he is unable to fight them carrying Gi-Gi, Namor rushes back and leaves her locked in a dungeon knowing that she will be safest in the least likely place the soldiers would look.

Climbing a lookout, he spots some tanks, but one of them rams the tower shattering it to pieces. Namor lands safely and forcing his way into the tank he is surprised to find that it is piloted by Gi-Gi, who escaped when the soldiers deserted the house to look for him. Using the tank's radio, the duo avoid Japanese forces and drive the tank into the water. Because it is an amphibious tank, they are able to pilot it all the way to the United States General Headquarters. There they would surrender to the soldiers and prove that they are not spies when Barney vouches for them. They are taken directly to General Douglas MacArthur, who takes the secrets that Gi-Gi smuggled out of Manila Bay on microfiche and thanks Namor for his assistance.

Appearing in "The House of Evil Dreams"

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  • Dorothy Ray


Synopsis for "The House of Evil Dreams"

Thomas Halloway is taking a walk down Park Avenue when he spots a sleep walking man walking along the edge of an apartment building. Changing into the Angel, Thomas rushes up to try and stop him from jumping while the police arrive with a safety net to catch him. Despite their efforts the man jumps to his death. The man is identified as army Captain Corbin who was recently court martialed for supposedly selling secrets to enemy agents. The death is ruled as a suicide, but then the Angel spots an Asian man at the scene of the crime with a unique perfume odor. Going up into Corbin's apartment, the Angel recognizes the same scent off some of the late Captain's cigarettes. Going back out to the lobby of the apartment building the Angel finds that a cab driver has given the Asian man a lift out of the area and has taken him to his suspect's destination.

He is dropped off at a large building with no address on the door. Climbing up onto the roof, the Angel spies into the building and witnesses as a US spy named Dorothy Ray is exposed to some gas and is compelled to start giving away government secrets. Smashing through the skylight, the Angel plugs the gas vent, snapping Dorothy out of its control. They are then confronted by the Asian man — named Hutsu — and his agents who attack. Fighting them off, the pair attempts to escape, but Hutsu closes the doors and sprays them in the face with his gas gun.

With the Angel now under his power, he shows him his sleepwalking cult, which he uses as a front for the Japanese army to learn American secrets. Putting the Angel under his spell, Hutsu makes the sleeping Angel believe that he is a Japanese soldier and orders him to go and kill Colonel Gardener the Chief of Military Intelligence in New York. The Angel carries out the orders with Hutsu following not far behind. The Angel arrives at Colonel Gardener's office where his strange behavior tips off the soldiers who had by that point fully investigated Corbin's death. They wake the hero by dousing him with a bucket of water and compare notes. When asked if he remembers the location of Hutsu's cult, the Angel cannot remember but recalls that the taxi driver knows the location.

It is then a race against time to beat Hutsu to the taxi driver, but the military officials and the Angel fail to stop the Japanese spy from killing the cabby. When they try to catch Hutsu in a high speed chase the spy douses their driver in sleeping gas causing them to crash. Assuming them all dead, Hutsu resumes his course. However, the Angel and the others have survived. The Angel realizes that if he is put to sleep again he can lead them back, he takes sleeping pills and is convinced his mission was a success.

After the hero leads the soldiers to Hutsu's hideout, they wake him up and storm the building. The combined forces of the Angel and the soldiers make easy work of Hutsu's guards and the Angel personally captures Hutsu himself, turning him over the military. As usual, the Angel departs before he can be thanked leaving only a silhouette of an angel to mark his passing.


  • In the second story, Barney Devens refers to Gi-Gi as his sweetheart. At the end of the story Namor calls Barney Gi-Gi's brother. This is clearly a mistake.

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