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Appearing in "Terror of the Floating Fortress"

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Synopsis for "Terror of the Floating Fortress"

The Sub-Mariner is aboard an American Naval ship when one of its surveillance planes spots a Japanese destroyer not far away. When they seek it out, they are suddenly ambushed by an iceberg that they cannot avoid and crash into it, leaving it open to attack from the Japanese battleship, which sinks the vessel. While the crew is abandoning ship, the iceberg suddenly sink and the Japanese ship retreats. They are soon picked up by another American ship where Namor confers with Navy officials. He finds icebergs in the area suspicious to begin with and decides to investigate the situation for himself.

Swimming after the Japanese ship, he decides to pretend to have turned traitor and see if he can learn if the Japanese are responsible. However, when he surrenders and offers his alliance to General Tsaki he sees right through Namor's ploy and activates a trap door beneath Namor's feet, trapping the hero in a pit. He is locked inside and after some time begins to grow weak due to being away from water for a long time.

As it turns out, the ice berg is one of many submersibles created by the Japanese disguised as icebergs that they are using to sink American ships. When Namor is sufficiently weakened, they have the hero chained up to the deck of the ship to watch as they lure an American convoy into a trap with their ice bergs. As it so happens, an American blimp passes by and attempts to bomb the Japanese vessel. The bombs miss, but the explosions cause water to splash onto Namor, revitalizing his strength.

Namor breaks free from his bonds and dives into the water. He then swims to one of the fake icebergs and breaks inside, taking the uniform that belongs to a Japanese sailor. He then sneaks into the main control room and beats the crew into submission. He causes the iceberg to collide with the others causing a hull breach filling it quickly up with water inside. Namor leaves the crew to drown inside and goes back out. He attempts to warn passing American vessels of the phony icebergs but some of them are sunk in the process. Namor then has the remaining American vessels push the icebergs together, sandwiching them together in a tight circle of ships. Namor and the American soldiers go to each of the ice bergs and toss explosives down into them, blowing them all up one by one with the crew inside.

With the icebergs destroyed, Namor asks for a torpedo and uses it to sink General Tsaki's ship, killing the Japanese captain in the process.

Appearing in "The Green Island Menace"

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Synopsis for "The Green Island Menace"

Nazi agents led by Von Klutz are in Ireland causing bombings which they intend to frame on the Irish Republican Army. The authorities fall for the ploy and many IRA members are rounded up and arrested. Von Klutz then plots to bomb an American convoy in order to sour relations between the United State and Ireland.

The convoy in question is being escorted by the Sub-Mariner who swims ahead to shore when he spots lights on by a shore side coal plant during what is supposed to be a blackout. There he catches Von Klutz and his men in the process of planting bombs in the area and tries to stop them, managing to toss the bomb into the water before it can do any damage. Namor is clubbed over the head and Von Klutz leaves behind a note framing the IRA for the operation and dressing him in ratty clothing.

When Namor revives he is grabbed by the authorities who mistake him for a member of the IRA and take him into police custody. While Namor is tossed into a cell with other IRA members that have been arrested, Von Klutz uses rabble rousing techniques to work the public into a frenzy and leads a mob to the prison to demand the IRA members executions. While the mob tries to break their way in, Namor learns that the IRA members have been framed of the crimes for which they were accused.

With the guards distracted by the noise outside, Namor grabs one of the guards who is close to their cell and uses his keys to unlock the door. He then breaks open the bars over one of the windows and jumps down into the water below. Unaware of Namors true nature, all those who witness it believe him to be dead, however the Sub-Mariner is very much alive and heads off to the secret meeting place of the IRA to seek their assistance in exposing the Nazi plot to frame them.

Meeting with the IRA, he convinces them to work with him in guarding locations that much be subject to sabotage in order to catch the real bombers and clear their names. While watching a nearby reservoir, they catch Von Klutz and his men take a truck and load it up with explosives, but Namor causes it to swerve off the road and explode before it can damage to the reservoir. While protecting the reservoir, Namor manages to capture one of the Nazi spies, but Von Klutz himself escapes. Threatening to drown the spy, Namor learns that Von Klutz and his men are hiding out in the old O'Jeffer's Warehouse.

There, Namor catches the spies just before they can get away in a U-Boat and rounds them up for the authorities. With the real bombers captured, the members of the IRA are released and thank Namor for his help.

Appearing in "The King of Castle Island"

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Synopsis for "The King of Castle Island"

The Angel is driving through a stormy night when he accidentally strikes a woman in the road. He comes to her aid and is shocked to find that she has green blood. When he goes to his car to get a first aid kit he happens to stop a giant gorilla-man take the woman and run off into the wilderness. Changing into his costume, the Angel goes after them by following the ape-man's footprints in the mud. Along the way, the Angel falls through a hole in the ground that brings him to an underground cavern. Seeing the woman's blood on the ground he continues to follow her.

The Ape-Man brings the girl to Castle Isle, where it's green skinned king and his royal family await the girl's return after she escaped from a forced blood transfusion -- a rite to make her the king's bride. Seeing the girl is injured, the king then uses his scepter to heal her wounds and then orders the ape man to whip her to teach her a lesson in fleeing from her destiny.

The Angel arrives and stops the ape man and then battles the king and his royal family. However, the hero is easily overpowered and taken prisoner. The king explains that he rules over the area and that for generations his family has lived in this location in seclusion after contracting a rare tropical disease that had turned his skin and blood green. Over the years he had his ape man bring people to his realm and infected them with his disease to make them his loyal followers. Not wishing to be discovered by the outside world he shows them that they all have poison pills to kill themselves to avoid that eventuality.

The king decides that the Angel too will become one of his loyal servants and is about to prepare him for a blood transfusion when one of the princes of his royal family objects to this, not wishing the outside to become part of their inclusive society. This distraction allows the Angel to break free and try to fight for his life. He is stopped by the ape man, and when the king orders him tossed off the cliff, the ape-man tells the Angel that there is a ledge and a cavern passage along the cliffs face. When the Angel is tossed over he grabs onto this ledge and pulls himself to safety.

As the kings surgeon begins preparing to complete the interrupted blood transfusion with the kings future bride, the Angel finds a dungeon that holds the wife and children of the ape man. He learns from them that the ape man is loyal to the king only because they are captive and that the king is the only one with the key to free them.

The Angel rushes upstairs and comes to the girls rescue. During the scuffle, the Angel manages to remove the key from the kings possession and hands it over to the ape man, winning his loyalty. The king orders his family to attack, but the Angel defeats them easily. When the king prepares to surrender, the ape man forces him to swallow his poison pill killing him instantly. With their leader dead the rest of the royal family follows suit and with the danger passed, the ape man frees his family and thanks the Angel for his assistance, they all then part ways.

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