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Quote1 Brief though life be... and though a needless death is a crime against the very universe... man is ever noblest when he lives by ideals! Without them, though he possess even the intellect of the Thinker himself... he is but a beast... reaching vainly for the stars...! Quote2

Appearing in "Burn, Namor... Burn!"

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Synopsis for "Burn, Namor... Burn!"

Namor investigates unnatural volcanic activity and is attacked by the Human Torch. Namor learns that the Human Torch is under the Mad Thinker's control. Namor defeats the Human Torch and frees him from the Thinker's control. They team up to stop the Mad Thinker's latest scheme. They defeat the Thinker and destroy his machinery. The Human Torch learns that he's actually Toro, the Torch's former sidekick, and dies stopping the Thinker from escaping.

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