Quote1.png No metal is as unyielding as the will of your beloved! Quote2.png
-- Vashti the Elder

Appearing in "The Day of the Dragon!"

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Synopsis for "The Day of the Dragon!"

Namor returns to Atlantis where he is well received, but learns that Lady Dorma has been captured by Diane Arless who demands that Namor turn over her brother Tiger Shark. Namor comes to Lady Dorma's rescue and learns that Diane Arless has been influenced by Dr. Dorcas. Namor subdues the Dragon Man and convinces Diane that he genuinely wants to help Tiger Shark.


  • Cover art: Dragon Man's face was drawn by Romita.
  • Colletta is credited as Vinnie Colletta.
  • Izzo is credited as Jeannie Izzo.

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