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Quote1.png I must go myself to the swirling Sargasso! For I have vowed to find Tiger Shark, if he still lives! An, though no one has ever survived alone in that sea -- Tiger Shark is like no other! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Sea That Time Forgot!"

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Synopsis for "The Sea That Time Forgot!"

Namor is informed that Tiger Shark has been seen near the Sargasso Sea and he makes his way out there. He confronts Tiger Shark who has allied himself with a group of Immortals bent on ruling the world. However, when the Immortals leave the mists of the Sargasso Sea, they begin to age instantly and die. Tiger Shark attempts to unleash a deadly virus, but Namor and the sacrifice of Dr. Newell ensure that it causes no harm. Unfortunately, Tiger Shark escapes, but Namor vows to kill him when they next meet.

Solicit Synopsis

We call this one "The Sea That Time Forgot!" — but you'll never forget what happens when Namor clashes with the evil TIGER SHARK — in the weirdest setting yet!


  • Cover art: pencils By Severin, inks by Giacoia and colours by Brunner.[1]

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