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Quote1.png Enjoy your regal repose while you may, my prince! For, events are astir that soon shall hurl you from your throne... and bestow your crown upon... Kormok! Quote2.png

Appearing in "From the Stars -- the Stalker!"

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Synopsis for "From the Stars -- the Stalker!"

The traitorous priest Kormok decries that Namor must perform the the Ritual of Renewal and dip Neptune's Trident in the flames that spawned it. Of course, it's a trap. Kormok has made a deal with an alien race that seeks to steal Earth's water and needs Namor for an as yet unknown reason. The Stalker attacks Namor and Namor proves to be too much for the Stalker. Unfortunately, the Stalker activates a funnel beam that sucks Namor out into space.

Solicit Synopsis

Namor begins a quest which will take him to the land of his birth — only to encounter a menace from the very stars! And, wait'll you learn the far-out scheme of — the Stalker!


  • Pencils: Jack Katz is credited as Jay Hawk.
  • While Kormok directs Namor to visit the "original site of Atlantis" (Atlantis (Kamuu), Namor instead travels to the place of his birth, Tha-Korr.

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