Quote1 Why should I risk my hide to save him? On second thought, don't answer that! One look at you, lady, and... instant motivation! Not only are you Miss Seaweed of 1969, but your lucky better half would have a claim to the Atlantean throne! Quote2
-- Tiger Shark

Appearing in "The Lady and the Tiger-Shark!"

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Synopsis for "The Lady and the Tiger-Shark!"

Krang gloats over the defeated Sub-Mariner and then has Orka dispatch his killer whales after Lady Dorma and her entourage. Tiger Shark comes to their rescue and Atlantis is forced to turn to him to repulse the attack by Krang and his forces. Namor is freed in the initial onslaught of the battle and turns his attention to Krang. Tiger Shark and Orka attack each other and their battle buries them both under some ruins.

Solicit Synopsis

The Human Killer Whale on one side - the treacherous Tiger Shark on the other! Can either Namor or sunken Atlantis escape total destruction?


  • Cover art: bottom left caption by Rosen
  • Krang previously appeared last issue and will appear again in issue 33.

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