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Appearing in "Kill! Cried the Raven!"

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Synopsis for "Kill! Cried the Raven!"

Namor makes his way to the surface world and seeks out Diane Arliss to help him find the Red Raven whose capsule was discovered by humans. Namor awakens the Red Raven from his suspended animation in hopes of recruiting an ally for Atlantis. Unfortunately, the Red Raven is keen on taking over the Earth. He battles past Namor and returns to his sunken island. Fortunately, the Sub-Mariner stops him from awakening his people and takes him down. However, a desperate Red Raven tries to awaken them only to discover that his people died years ago and the suspended animation has only preserved their bodies. In his rage, the Red Raven destroys his sunken island and Namor escapes to safety.

Solicit Synopsis

The Red Raven! Is he Namor's new ally against the surface-men — or the greatest menace of all time?


This issue states the whole Island was sunk, and not only the military complex like stated in X-Men #44


The Red Raven in this story will later be retconned to be a construct imitation of the real Red Raven.[1]

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