Quote1 Wherever you go, my love, your shadow shall ever fall across the feet of Dorma! Quote2
-- Dorma

Appearing in "When Wakes the Kraken!"

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Synopsis for "When Wakes the Kraken!"

A sea monster attacks and destroys a cruise ship and the world is quick to condemn Namor and his undersea realm. Namor is forced to investigate and quickly comes face-to-face with the monstrous Kraken. Unfortunately, he falls before it's might and is taken captive. As it turns out, the Kraken is in fact a monstrous vessel and its Captain, Commander Kraken, and his crew use it to plunder the seas. Namor escapes and brings and end to the Kraken-Ship and its crew.

Solicit Synopsis

If Namor dares battle the mysterious Commander Kraken, both Dorma and Diane Arliss may die! And yet—battle he must!

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