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Appearing in "Fear Is the Hunter!"

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  • Staff of Zeus/Staff of Supremacy
  • Epidermi-Net

Synopsis for "Fear Is the Hunter!"

The Huntsman uses the Sirens' call to lure in Namor and sap his will. He then sets Namor after Hercules who the Huntsman has been ordered by Zeus to return to Olympus. Namor finds Hercules and attacks him. He comes to his senses when their battle threatens some villagers. The Huntsman then summons monsters from Greco-Roman mythology to defeat Hercules. Together Namor and Hercules defeat the monsters and the Huntsman. However, Zeus takes note of the battle and Namor's valor and brings his son back to Olympus to discuss Hercules' sojourn on Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

Looks like it's guest-star month at mighty Marvel! Namor takes on Hercules—in the battle of this or any other century! And that's just the beginning!


  • Hercules was last seen in Ka-Zar Vol 1 1 where he was being pursued by the Huntsman. That storyline is resolved in this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Send it to Subby. Letters are published from Van Hunt, Jim Fadden, and Gary Pagel.

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