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Appearing in "Calling Captain Marvel!"

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  • Mr. Markham

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Synopsis for "Calling Captain Marvel!"

Namor comes ashore and attacks Rick Jones who quickly calls upon his alter ego, Captain Marvel. During their battle, Namor suddenly collapses and Rick Jones takes care of him. Namor freaks out again and flees only to be restrained once again by Captain Marvel. During this scuffle, Namor regains his memory and tells Captain Marvel of a molecular polluter that threatens the Earth's waters. They make their way to the device and together prevent its from ever being used.

Solicit Synopsis

Namor - terrified of the sea that spawned him? You better believe it - and that's just the beginning! Co-starring Captain Marvel!


  • This issue's flashback of Namor's battle with the Fantastic Four is from Fantastic Four #4.

  • This issue features a letters page, Send it to Subby. Letters are published from Karl W. Kaufman and David Sullivan.

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