Quote1.png ...In short, Dorma, will you be no longer my Lady... and become instead, my Bride? Quote2.png
-- Namor the First, Crowned Prince of Atlantis

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Synopsis for "Come the Cataclysm"

Namor returns to Atlantis after his visit to Lemuria and discovers that a cataclysm has struck Atlantis and its people have turned to the traitorous Lord Byrrah. Namor challenges Byrrah and has 24 hours to prove his involvement in the cataclysm. Namor, assisted by the United Nations, tracks down Byrrah's co-conspirators, Dr. Dorcas and the Warlord Krang. He returns with them to Atlantis and they implicate Byrrah in the cataclysm. Prince Namor is restored to power and asks Lady Dorma to marry him. She gladly accepts.

Solicit Synopsis

The return of Byrrah - ruthless pretender to the crown of Atlantis! Plus a last-page development that'll knock you off your throne!


  • Cover modifications by Severin.


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