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Quote1.png And so it ends, my lady-- an alliance of three titans, than might have altered the course of history! But perhaps we shall meet again one day-- perhaps--! Quote2.png
Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

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Synopsis for "Confrontation!"

Brief Summary:
Namor, Hulk, and the Silver Surfer arrive on the island to gain control of the experimental weather device. The United Nations contact the Avengers for assistance in stopping the trio. The superheroes battle each other, while Namor's scientists fix the device's errors. The Avengers and United Nations realize that the three were only trying to prevent a global disaster. The fighting stops and the Hulk and Surfer depart, disbanding the short-lived Titans Three.

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Detailed Summary:
Poised to stop the activation of an experimental U.N. device in order to prevent it from destroying the Earth, Namor, the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer confront the US military leader guarding the installation. However, when the commanding officer refuses to allow Namor's scientists to check out the device to insure it doesn't pose any threat, Namor decides to secure the land by force.

The United Nations then calls the Avengers for aid, who send Thor, Iron Man and Goliath to stop the Titans Three. Meanwhile, Ikthon and Dorma arrive on the island and quickly head to the device while Namor, Hulk, and the Surfer confront the arriving Avengers. While the superheroes battle, Dorma manages to convince the army to allow them to examine the device. When Ikthon repairs a flaw in the device that could threaten the world, the Avengers stop fighting the Titans Three realizing their errror. Fed up with all the altercations, the Hulk and the Silver Surfer leave separately (thus disbanding the Titans Three) and the Avengers also depart after paying their respects to the monarch of the sea.

Solicit Synopsis

Who can stop the combo of Prince Namor - the Hulk - and the Silver Surfer? Nobody, you say? Maybe not - but you'll gasp when the Avengers give it a try!


  • While this is the first time that Iron Man has meet the Silver Surfer, he's already worked on weaponry for Nick Fury that successfully weakened the Surfer. [1]


  • Cover alterations to Hulk's face was done by Herb Trimpe.

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