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Synopsis for "Confrontation!"

Poised to stop the activation of a experimental U.N. device in order to prevent it from destroying the Earth, Namor, the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer confront the US military leader guarding the installation. However, when the commanding officer refuses to allow Namor's scientists to check out the device to insure it doesn't pose any threat, Namor decides to secure the land by force.

The army then calls the Avengers for aid, who send Thor, Iron Man and Goliath to stop the Titan Three. During the battle Ikthon and Dorma manage to convince the army to allow them to examine the device. When Ikthon manages to repair a flaw in the device that could threaten them all, the Avengers stop fighting the Titans Three realizing their mistake. Fed up with how things went the Hulk then bounds away, and the Surfer and the Avengers also pay their leave to the monarch of the sea.

Solicit Synopsis

Who can stop the combo of Prince Namor - the Hulk - and the Silver Surfer? Nobody, you say? Maybe not - but you'll gasp when the Avengers give it a try!


  • Cover modifications by Trimpe.

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