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Synopsis for "What Gods Have Joined Together!"

Namor seeks out Proteus to preside over his marriage to Lady Dorma. They return to Atlantis to face an invasion force of Attuma's barbarians. Namor and his forces drive them off with some help from Lemurian forces who have come to Atlantis to attend the wedding. Namor destroys Attuma's supreme weapon and defeats Attuma in combat. Namor then turns his attention to his wedding and awaits Lady Dorma at the altar. They are married, but as it turns out, Llyra was posing as Lady Dorma and announces herself as queen of Atlantis.

Solicit Synopsis

The wedding you thought would never happen! Namor marries the lady Dorma - or does he? You'll gasp in amazement when you read the final panel!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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