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Synopsis for "The Way to Dusty Death!"

Proteus denounces Llyra's claim as queen and wife to Namor and she flees to her hideout where she has Lady Dorma captive. Before he's able to pursue her or search for Lady Dorma, Namor uncovers a plot by his chief scientist Ikthon to aid Attuma in an assault against Atlantis. Namor is forced to choose Atlantis over Lady Dorma and defeats Attuma's latest attack. The traitorous Ikthon helps Namor locate Lady Dorma, but Llyra kills her before he is able to rescue her.

Solicit Synopsis

What can we say about this one except - Death strikes once more! Prince Namor's sunken world will never be the same again! And neither will you!


  • Attuma previously appeared last issue and will appear next in Defenders 7.
  • Although this issue marks Ikthon's final full appearance, there is a flashback next issue, showing him in chains after the events depicted here.

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