Quote1 Do they think they deal with one as brainless as the lumbering Hulk? They know they cannot drive me from this isle without totally destroying it-----and all they have built upon it. Quote2
-- Sub-Mariner

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Synopsis for "And Here I'll Stand"

Unable to find any trace of Llyra, Namor makes his way to New York City and decides to take over an abandoned prison island in New York harbor. Unfortunately, the authorities aren't too pleased with having Namor so close and demand that he leave. When Namor refuses, the authorities call on the army to attack Namor while an underwater demolition team destroys the island. Diane Arliss then tells him that his father may actually be alive, and Namor leaves on a new quest to find him.

Solicit Synopsis

No super-villain in this one, gang! No monster from outer space - or alien dimension! Namor simply takes on the whole U.S. Army - in the heart of the teeming city!


  • Cover art: modifications by Severin.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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