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The Atlanteans are wandering in search of a new home and are attacked by Attuma and his barbarian hordes. Barbarian scouts bring Namor to Attuma's court, where Attuma shows Namor that his Atlanteans have already been made into slaves, and tells him that Dorma, Vasti and Warlord Seth have all been killed. Namor then challenges Attuma, who dons an electrically charged suit of armor. Observing this, Attuma's men see that he is a man who fights without honor, and they begin to question whether he should be their leader. One barbarian named Gorgul decides to free the Lady Dorma (who is revealed to have only been captured, not killed) and shows her how she can destroy the machine powering Attuma's armor. Once this is done, Namor defeats Attuma and forces the barbarians to flee. However, Namor still believes that Dorma is dead as he once again leaves the Atlanteans to continue his search for the villainous Destiny.


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