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Quote1 I'll not pray for failure, Mutant. Namor prays for nothing. Quote2

Appearing in "--- Under the Name of Ritual --"

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Synopsis for "--- Under the Name of Ritual --"

Continues from Daredevil Vol 1 77

Lady Tuvia leads Namor and Spider-Man to the land of the Black Sea People where she's hoping that Namor will stand as her champion. Namor, duty bound, agrees to take on Turalla the Mad who is hoping to lead his people into battle against Atlantis. With a bit of Spider-Man's help, Namor defeats Turalla and restores order to the Black Sea People. Tuvia then uses her magic to return them both to New York City.

Solicit Synopsis

Namor - unwilling champion of a lost race, in a world where legend lives! The mind-staggering mutant menace they call Turalla! All this - and Spider-Man, too!


  • Cover art: modifications by Romita.
  • Script contribution by Thomas is uncredited.
  • Inks by Severin are uncredited.

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