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Appearing in "And a House Whose Name... Is Death!"

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  • The "Final Sons of Man"
    • Father
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Synopsis for "And a House Whose Name... Is Death!"

Namor recovers from his defeat at the hands of the transformed Lucile, but is soon attacked by another monster from the nearby village. He and the monster quickly learn that each have been wronged by Aunt Serr and that she didn't send either to fight each other. The two go into a nearby bar to meet more of Aunt Serr's victims. Tired living under her rule the transformed creatures and Namor band together to take her down.. Namor storms into Serr's house by way of window and confronts her while the villagers destroy her machinery. Namor battles Aunt Serr's son Karl before Lucile snaps out of her mind control and turns against Aunt Serr keeping her there while the house crumbles around them due to the machines destruction. With her last ounce of strength Lucile saves Namor by flinging him out a window before the house crashes down on top of them.

Solicit Synopsis

"A House Called - Death!" An entire city - turned into monsters! Plus - Namor takes on the Living Rock!


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