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  • Doom's Private State Jet

Synopsis for "Doomsmasque!"

Namor, without his memories and haunted by the figure of his father, is injured escaping from the authorities and is taken in by a young woman. However, Namor has drawn the attention of Dr. Doom who is well aware of Namor's memory loss and is eager to get him to join his cause. Fortunately, pieces of his memory convince Namor that Doom isn't to be trusted and attacks him. Their battle is stopped by the young woman, Cindy Jones, who took Namor in and Dr. Doom invites them both to the Latverian Embassy. Doom tricks Namor into becoming his ally once again and they head out to attack an A.I.M. installation so that Doom can get his hands on the Cosmic Cube.

Solicit Synopsis

Doctor Doom! Modok! The calamitous Cosmic Cube! And Namor - with memory gone! Suspense plus!


  • Cover art: modifications by Romita.

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