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Quote1 Stare as death closely, Sunfire! Each of your "enemies" is a person... Even as you an I! You fight for "victory" and for "honor"! Yet is there "honor" in merciless murder or "victory" in the destruction of the entire Earth? Quote2
Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

Appearing in "Atomic Samurai"

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  • Santa Clara (Cargo Ship) (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "Atomic Samurai"

Namor travels to the surface world with Namorita in search of Betty Dean who he hopes will serve as a guardian to the young Namorita. They track down Betty who is vacationing on the Japanese island of Krakinowa. Namor stumbles upon a hidden city controlled by the Dragon-Lord who is eager to bring about another war with the US. The Dragon-Lord sends his agent, Sunfire, off to capture a US freighter. Namor intercepts Sunfire as he's concerned that the destruction of the freighter could threaten the health of the seas. Despite Namor's best efforts, Sunfire strikes a deadly blow against the freighter and it begins to sink.

Solicit Synopsis

The most powerful mutant of all returns! Don't miss the deadly challenge of - Sunfire!


  • Plot by Everett, script by Friedrich.

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