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Quote1.png There is no glory in war -- only death. Quote2.png
Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

Appearing in "The Invasion of New York!"

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Synopsis for "The Invasion of New York!"

Namor puts his trust in Lorvex to assemble a force that Namor will lead against the surface dwellers to free Tamara. The invasion is a success in providing a daunting show of force, but Namor is unable to find Tamara as she has been rescued by Lorvex who decides to keep her as a hostage and continue the onslaught against the surface world. He defeats Lorvex and rescues Tamara. He then calls off the surface attack and after addressing the UN returns to his undersea realm. The surface world does not launch a counteroffensive and Namor is once again crowned Prince of Atlantis.


  • Plot by Everett, script by Gerber.

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