Quote1.png So you're back, you slanty-browed coward! Just give Tiger Shark a crack at you... and you'll wish you'd stayed away... forever! Quote2.png
-- Tiger Shark

Appearing in "The Spell of the Serpent!"

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Synopsis for "The Spell of the Serpent!"

Namor leaves with Lord Seth to find the Herb of Healing to help restore Tiger Shark to human form. Unfortunately, the Helmet of Power transforms into its true form, the Serpent Crown, and takes control of Dorma and the rest of the Atlanteans. Namor fails in his quest to help Tiger Shark and when he returns, is attacked by his own mind-controlled people. He takes the Crown from Dorma and puts it on. He gets visions of the early origins of his people.


  • Cover art: modifications by Romita.

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