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Subguardian Titan was one of the many subguardians students of the Imperial Guard Training Academy, attending to Kid Gladiator's report about Earth.

It is unknown if he was recruited into the Imperial Guard active duty to counter the Builders' attacks.[1]

When the focus of the decay of the universe was found to be the Earth, the Majestor adressed the Galactic Council, and decided that the Earth had to be destroyed to save the universe.[2] Even though the Shi'ar planned a sneak attack on the Earth, the Guardians of the Galaxy managed to discover their plan and warned the Avengers.[3]

While approaching Earth, the Shi'ar alerted humanity that they had two hours left to live until Earth was destroyed by their fleet. Using a super weapon capable of channeling the Earth's power, Sunspot and A.I.M. retaliated against the Shi'ar in front, while S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Avengers used a Planetkiller seized from the Builders to attack from behind. However, A.I.M.'s weapon overheated and exploded, and the Planetkiller was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave. With no options left, the Avengers prepared to meet their end. However, the Illuminati used the controller disk of a rogue planet that shared the same space with Earth while phased while Iron Man flew to the Sol's Hammer, and prepared to use it.[4]

Iron Man charged and fired Sol's Hammer, successfully destroying the Shi'ar fleet, including Titan.[5]

Once the universe was destroyed,[6] it ultimately came back.[7] The Shi'ar and the Imperial Guard were brought back as a byproduct of the universal renewal,[8] with no memories of the universe's temporary demise, like the rest of the inhabitants of the universe.[9]

During an attack on Arakko, he was killed by a member of the new Lethal Legion, whose very touch was deadly.[10]



Size Alteration: Titan can increase his size

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