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The Succubi (succubus in singular form) are female demons of various origins:

Enslavement under Odin

During the Third Age of Odin, the Asgardians enslaved the Succubi, leaving a scar on their people.[7]

War with the Vampires

Before humans came to be, Shiklah and her family ruled over the monster world. Vampires sought to overthrow them by starting a war that lasted for centuries, which also saw the coming of man walking upright. After their family was overwhelmed and their kingdom had fallen, Shiklah's father was distraught over the seeming deaths of his sons, Amjad and Baqir, so he decided to seal her away in a sarcophagus until the war ran its course, or until she was to be wed.[8]

Powers and Abilities


Succubus possess various powers, including:



Shiklah, Jenny, Satana Hellstrom, Zhilla Char


  • While Shiklah has been confirmed as a succubus,[2][9] as well as her cousin Jenny,[7] the exact nature of her brothers Amjad and Baqir and of her father remains unclear.

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