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Succubus was preparing to track down Dan Ketch for her master Nightmare, sapped the life essence from boxer-turned-homeless man Henry Bronson, who was living at St. Ann´s Shelter For Homeless Men. After doing so, she apparently crushed his neck, though he didn´t immediately die. Soon after, she confronted Ketch and tried to seduce him, but her touch trigged Ketch´s transformation into Ghost Rider. Realizing he was too strong, Succubus escaped, and returned to the Shelter, where she attempted to drain another drifter´s life force. At the moment, Matt Murdock arrived on the premiss with a box of canned food to donate. He confronted Succubus, who then attempted to drain the life essence from yet another resident. However, this particular resident was Calvin Zabo, the alter ego of Mister Hyde. Like Ghost Rider, Succubus triggered Zabo´s transformation, and the two, along with a now costumed Daredevil, engaged in a fight in the street outside the building. Dan Ketch came across the conflict, and when Succubus attempted again to take his essence, he reverted to Ghost Rider. While Daredevil then contended with Succubus, knocking her out, Ghost Rider did likewise with Hyde. Shortly after the heroes departed, Succubus camo to, and attempted to finish her attempt at taking the unconsious Hyde´s life force.[citation needed]



Succubus gains strength by draining the life force from humans. She can also levitate in a manner to simulate flying, also, she can phase through solid objects.[citation needed]

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