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Formerly Miss America (deceased)
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Libertas (deceased), Columbia (deceased), Riveter
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The Suffragists were all that remained of the resistance movement against the Nazi zombie regime of Earth-12591. The four surviving heroes were to meet up with the Ducky Dozen of Earth-616 who had come to this Earth in order to stop the Nazis from invading the Multiverse and spreading their infection. The Suffragists rescued the surviving members of the Dozen from a zombified version of the Invaders and then took them to a former Nazi laboratory which they used as their headquarters. Here they introduced the Dozen to Zephyr Zog, the Dozen's inside contact and a Nazi scientist who wished to see the end of the zombie infection on his world. Zog arranged to transport the Dozen and the Suffragists to the Nazis inner sanctum where they would be tasked with destroying their trans-dimensional battleship, preventing the Nazis from attacking other worlds in the Multiverse.[1]

Suffragists members Columbia[2] and Libertas[3] died during the mission and Miss America selflessly sacrificed her own life to ensure that an atomic bomb would detonate on the inner sanctum of the Nazi zombie forces, destroying them and their threat to the Multiverse. The only member of the Suffragists to survive was the Riveter who escaped with the surviving Ducky Dozen members to The Hollow on Earth-616.[3]

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