Quote1.png It sounds ludicrous, I know, but... Sometimes, I believe I can remember the day I was born. I remember you holding me for the first time and the look of... horror that came over your face. And then you picked up a scalpel and tried to murder me. I'm sorry, mother. I'm sorry they wouldn't let you. Quote2.png
-- Thanos src


Sui-San was an Eternal descendant of Uranos' followers. Uranos' people had left Earth after a costly war with Uranos's brother (and Mentor's father) Kronos. First they came to a dome on the planet of Uranus. Uranous left some Eternals behind on Uranus but left to return to Earth. Their ship was shot down over Titan where Uranus's remaining followers built a society. After a costly war (initiated by the manipulations of the Dragon of the Moon) all of the Eternals on Titan were wiped out except Sui-San. When A'Lars left Earth and came to Titan, he met Sui-San and together they repopulated Titan[2] using genetic engineering and cloning.[3]

Sui-San trying to kill Thanos

Sui-San bore A'Lars two children. The first was Eros. Sui-San planned for the second to be name Dione. However, upon lying her eyes on the newborn, who was afflicted with Deviant Syndrome, Sui-San was driven mad and named him Thanos.[4] She also tried to kill him, sensing the death in his eyes. Sui-San was stopped by A'Lars and she was institutionalized not long afterwards.[5]

By the time Thanos was twelve years old,[4] Sui-San had already been returned home, though she was noticeably unresponsive. Following the disappearance of two of Thanos' classmates by his hand, she suddenly spoke to him alone, and accused him of knowing who he was.[6] After having killed seventeen people in total, Thanos targeted Sui-San in hopes of finding in her body the key to who he was, both spiritually and physically.[6]

After her death Sui-San went to Hell. When a now adult Thanos and Deadpool arrived in Hell to find Death, Sui-San, along with the other victims of Thanos and Deadpool, tried to kill them, but the duo were able to fend them off.[7]

  • Many aspects of Sui-San's history were altered depending on the comic:
    • In one telling, Sui-San's death is caused by Thanos as part of the assault on Titan,[8] while in others she is murdered by her son.[9][10]
    • Sui-San is sometimes presented like caring for her son,[11] while in other tellings she is disgusted by him.[5]
    • In Daredevil #105, Thanos' mother was presented as Kazantra instead of Sui-San.

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