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Quote1.png It sounds ludicrous, I know, but... Sometimes, I believe I can remember the day I was born. I remember you holding me for the first time and the look of... horror that came over your face. And then you picked up a scalpel and tried to murder me. I'm sorry, mother. I'm sorry they wouldn't let you. Quote2.png


Origins and early years

Sui-san, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago.[2][1] 400,000 years later,[3] a civil war erupted between two factions of the Eternals: the side of Kronos, who cherished piece and non-interference, and the side of Uranos, wanting to use their powers to dominate the planet. Sui-San joined Uranos' side, because her lover had done as well, but they were all defeated by Kronos' forces and banished from the Earth.[4][5][3]

When the two dozen exiles landed on the planet Uranus, they conquered the Kree outpost there to make of it their new home.[5] As the Eternal Uranos built a spaceship to return to Earth, Astron refused to follow his ways any longer and, along with three sympathizers, remained on the planet Uranus,[6] where they created their own colony.[7]

Sui-San accompanied Uranos on his way back to Earth, but their spaceship was destroyed by a Kree fleet investigating the invasion of their outpost, leaving only Sui-San, Uranos, and 5 other Eternals alive. The survivors finally decided to abandon their plans for revenge and, instead, created a colony on Saturn's moon of Titan.[8] At some point, however, the Titanians fell to warlike tendencies once more,[9] and, as a result, the colony of Titan was ravaged by yet another civil war, thereby causing the death of all its residents, save for Sui-San, who lived in isolation.[10]

When A'Lars left Earth and came to Titan, he met Sui-San, and together they used their genetic material to found a new species of Eternal-derived beings, the Titans. They developed Titan into a wonder of science and built the super-computer ISAAC to help them run the environment.[11][12]

Sui-San trying to kill Thanos

With the help of the Quantum Bands,[3] Sui-San later bore A'Lars two children. The first was Eros. Sui-San planned for the second to be named Dione. However, upon lying her eyes on the newborn, who was afflicted with Deviant Syndrome, Sui-San was driven mad and named him Thanos.[13] She also tried to kill him, sensing the death in his eyes. Sui-San was stopped by A'Lars and she was institutionalized not long afterwards.[14]

By the time Thanos was twelve years old,[13] Sui-San had already been returned home, though she was noticeably unresponsive. Following the disappearance of two of Thanos' classmates by his hand, she suddenly spoke to him alone, and accused him of knowing who he was.[15] Having killed seventeen people in total, Thanos targeted Sui-San in hopes of finding in her body the key to who he was, both spiritually and physically.[15]

After her death, Sui-San was resurrected in the Exclusion and imprisoned forever due to her part in creating Thanos. When A'Lars was imprisoned as well, the other Eternals informed Sui-San, but she said she didn't want anything to do with him and wished they'd never met.[3]


  • Many aspects of Sui-San's history were altered depending on the comic:
    • In some tellings, Sui-San's death is caused by Thanos as part of the assault on Titan,[16][17][18] while in others she is murdered by her son.[19][20]
    • Sui-San is sometimes presented as caring for her son[21] while in other tellings she is disgusted by him.[14]
    • In Daredevil #105, Thanos' mother was presented as Kazantra instead of Sui-San.
  • Sui-San was originally intended to be a third-generation Titanian Eternal,[9] but, with Kieron Gillen's relaunch, she was retconned as one of the original 100 Eternals and one of the 24 exiles.[5][22][3]

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