The Sultan of Bangook ruled his country during the 1940s. Seeking to obtain as much wealth as possible he began selling off his slaves until only two prisoners remained in his kingdom: the thieves Zoro and Belfir. The Sultan decided that he could easily obtain more wealth by romancing wealthy American women and having his two thieves steal their fortunes. Travelling to America, the Sultan was invited to a party in his honour. While he attended to his wealthy hosts, his two thieves broke into the mansion and stole the valuable Lanetz Necklace.

Next the Sultan began romancing millionaire heiress Marion Carter, hoping to rob her family's safe. However, he former fiancée, suspicious of the Sultan, hired private detective Mark Mason to investigate the Sultan's background. While Mark researched the Sultan's background his secretary Louise Grant did an investigation of her own as the Blonde Phantom. That night during a party at the Carters, the Blonde Phantom spotted Zoro and Belfir breaking into the house. She attacked them as they attempted to break into the safe and knocked the two men out. When she went to go warn the Carter's she was attacked by the Sultan, keeping her distracted enough to allow Zoro and Belfir to escape. The following day, angry at the lack of results of Mark's investigation, Marion's ex-boyfriend posed as a waiter at the Sultan's hotel. There he overheard the Sultan and his thieves gloating about their planned robbery and attacked. The young man was easily subdued, as was the Blonde Phantom when she came crashing in shortly thereafter. The Sultan and his men then loaded them up into a car and pushed them off a pier to drown, however the Blonde Phantom managed to free themselves.

The Sultan and his men went back to the Carter mansion and cracked the safe. But, before they could rob it of it's jewels they were caught in the act by the Blonde Phantom and Mark Mason who turned them over to the authorities. Apparently without any diplomatic immunities in the United States, the Sultan was locked away in an American prison. With their leader incarcerated, the people of Bangook then held a free election and became a Democracy.[1]

The fate of the Sultan of Bangook is unknown.


The Sultan of Bangook is an expert conman who can use his charm to seduce women easily.

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